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smartslides wedding photographer slideshow software

Smartslides was released into open beta today by Pixellu, the company that created SmartAlbums. The wedding photography market has been asking for a product like this to be developed for many years. The previous options had buggy software, required self hosting of images through FTP, and didn’t include options for licensed music.

Here is an example slideshow by Dylan M Howell.

They can be embedded in an iframe or you can link to the hosted version on a branded website or your own subdomain. This gives multiple options of delivery with very little work.

The entire process is done on their secure site. You upload the images, can re-arrange and delete frames, and then add the music from either their licensed list or your own upload. After that you’re done, it very quickly gives you both the link to your slideshow site and your embed code.

The process has been simplified to perfection, you can build a complete slideshow and have it on your website in less than five minutes. Wedding photographers should be using these to accompany image delivery as soon as possible. Putting your images in motion, set to music, is the perfect way to let the clients view them for the first time. There is so much more emotional impact.

Check out the Smartslides website and sign up for the open beta now. If you have any questions, they are very quick to help in the supporting Facebook group.


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