Avan Jogia Interview - Portrait Magazine, June 2013 Issue
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Avan Jogia Interview
Interview by:
Interview Date: May 2013

Name: Avan Jogia
Career: Actor
Twitter: @ATJogia
Facebook: facebook.com/ATJogia

Kara: What has the transition been like from Victorious and now Twisted?
Avan: Itís a different kind of show obviously. I was always used to filming single camera. Multi-camera is Victorious. I had to learn that skill and cultivate it to get better at it. I donít think itís something that came naturally to me. Itís not that I donít like comedy, but itís the style of comedy. Itís just a lot different. Itís been fun to jump back into single-cam, which is what Twisted is and getting back to where Iím most comfortable.

Kara: Whatís the difference between ĒVictoriousĒ and ďTwistedĒ?
Avan: Well, Twisted is a musical and Victorious has a lot of murder in it. (laughs) Iím joking by the way. But yea, itís a very different tone. Danny is very different from Beck.

Kara: What do you miss most about Victorious?
Avan: The cast. We are such good friends. It was really like having college friends. Iím going to miss them the most. We literally spent every hour of the day together. We were a tight cast and most of us were out of town so we became very close with one another. I still see them, but itís hard because everyone is very busy. Itís hard to keep in contact with them, but we try.

Kara: How is playing Danny different from playing Beck?
Avan: Playing Danny is fun. Itís really interesting to see a character that uses his charm as a defense mechanism to defend himself against the world that doesnít really want him there. Heís forced to go to this high school and face people who donít want him there and with Beck everything was always okay and he was always the rock and Mr. Fix-It. Nothing would ever really go wrong for Beck.

Kara: Why did you audition for Danny?
Avan: I wasnít sure I wanted to another television show after doing Victorious. I really wanted to try something else, but I read a lot of scripts and I read the script to the pilot. I thought it was really well written and the character was really important. Danny was probably the best character I had read and I thought that ABC Family really knows how to make good mystery shows so I thought I was definitely in good hands.

Kara: How do we see Danny develop through each episode?
Avan: What you find is that Danny has a lot of sides to him. Heís very complicated and he uses charm a lot to protect himself, but as the episodes go on you see that the wall goes down a little bit. He becomes weaker and the infrastructure of his defense mechanism gets shaken. Throughout the episodes you will kind of see him develop more of a caring side of him.

Kara: What can we look forward to with the premiere coming up in June?
Avan: Well, we are going to premiere the pilot again. If you watch it, you will see that we reshot it if you saw the sneak peak. In the second episode though, it gets interesting. Danny gets into more conflict with the school and his actions have consequences and he has to face those consequences.

Kara: What is your favorite part of being on the show?
Avan: Getting to act. Itís what I like to do and itís what I want to do. Every chance I get to do it, it makes me happy. Itís probably my favorite part of being on the show, most definitely.

Kara: I just recently saw a trailer for Compound, the short film you were doing. Can you fill us in on that?
Avan: I directed the trailer because I write a lot. I just like to write and I wrote this idea about these kids who have to live without technology because thereís been an adrenaline infection that has happened. These rage zombies are basically infection the population and these kids have to move out to the woods in order to survive. We came up with a couple of episodes together and we decided to shoot the trailer. I took snippets from the first and second episode and shot them. I kind of just made the trailer to show people what my idea was and I probably would have posted more if I havenít gotten Twisted. I would have to change it to me not being in it if I were to keep on doing it. Itís definitely a high adrenaline kind of show. I guess thatís the kind of stuff that really attracts me; conflict and solving conflict, having characters face adversity and try to figure out how to get out of it.

Kara: Do you think that further down the road you will be directing more?
Avan: Maybe, but I think I have a lot more I want to get accomplished in the acting arena before I start moving on to other things. I want to try and learn as much as I can, but directing is not easy work, which none of these things are easy but I feel like if I had a lot more learning I would feel more comfortable doing something like that. I have a lot more learning to do.

Fan Questions:

What are some things you would do if you had the ability to change the world?
Rather than an actual Ďfix the problemí, which is what I obviously would do but I also think that I would put more empathy in everyoneís heart and more consideration, and more of a scope of understanding how many different ways there is to living life on the planet. I think if we became more empathetic, most of our problems would start to go away. I think that what we lack is empathy. I think with empathy we would live more in tune with each other.

I think itís also really cool how you stand out against bullying
If I could suggest anything to anyone just donít go to middle school, donít do it. There is no point and you learn enough at school to quantify the amount of emotional pain you can go through in middle school. I think itís a choice to be awful like it is choosing not to choose to stand up for someone else, thatís also a choice. If we can curve that kind of thing early one than they donít grow up bullying other people and other kids.

What is the most memorable part of filming Victorious?
Spending time with the cast and the friendships I got out of all of that.

Have you ever met Taylor Swift before?
I have not, but I hear she is very tall. I think she can write a really good song though and Iím impressed on how great she can write a song. Every time I hear her on the radio I always think itís catchy. She has really good lyrics.

Are you ever going to pursue singing and possibly making an album?
Maybe, but on my own I think. Iím not going to tour or make a career out of it. I donít really want to do too much with that. I really just want to stick with acting.